Foundation Repair Methods That Use Piers

There are a number of concrete slab repair methods on the market today. Common issues can be resolved with DIY concrete slab repair services, but sometimes certain problems will need professional evaluation for the safest (and best) results possible. Here are some concrete contractors asheville nc methods used by some professionals:

Concrete Pier Foundation Repair Plano, TX / Underpinning

As with any repair or refinishing job, concrete repair and refinishing jobs that involve excessive moisture (or a lack of moisture) should be left to the professionals for best results. Excessive moisture can lead to warping, pitting, cracking, cupping, or flaking of the concrete slab, which is a very dangerous situation. If left unchecked, excess moisture will also cause the concrete to expand and contract unevenly, creating dangerous deformation that can result in instability of the structure. It is essential that concrete slab repair methods employed include proper sealing methods to avoid such problems.

There are concrete slab repair methods that can be employed by homeowners as well, especially if they have access to concrete piers or an adjacent area with water. Homeowners should first inspect the piers to ensure no damage or pothole is present, especially around the edges. If the piers appear damaged, homeowners should take action to repair the damage before it becomes a problem. Some common concrete piers repair methods include pouring concrete primer into the cracks to fill them, using steel wool or sandpaper to gently scrape away excess concrete, or using cement board and filling with grout.

Homeowners with an industrial or commercial structure that experiences temperature fluctuations should consider concrete slab repair methods that employ chillers or heaters. Chillers are large chillers used to regulate temperature and prevent extreme temperatures from building up between concrete slabs. A concrete chiller runs on electricity and is designed specifically to prevent extreme temperatures from reaching concrete slabs. For example, during the summer months, a concrete slab repair method known as hot mopping can be utilized to prevent pools of water from forming in outdoor pools. During the winter months, chillers can be used to prevent ice formation in outdoor ice rinks and sidewalks. A concrete slab repair method that employs chillers is effective for both indoor and outdoor applications and it eliminates the need for expensive excavations.

Concrete slabs may suffer from excessive moisture due to leaky tanks or poorly designed drains. This problem can easily be corrected by concrete slab repair methods that use steel wool or sandpaper to remove excessive moisture from the surface of the slab. Water that seeps into the concrete slab can weaken the bonding of the concrete slab and cause it to crack. When this occurs, repairs must be conducted immediately to prevent any additional damage to the surface or foundation. Some methods employed by professionals to repair this type of damage include pumping concrete to relieve the pressure or injecting concrete to remove excess moisture.

Many homeowners mistakenly think that piers are sufficient to keep out water, but without piers, foundations could collapse. To prevent this from happening, homeowners should invest in concrete slab repair methods that utilize piers. There are several factors that determine the optimal location of piers in the foundation, including the amount of weight that the home foundation will be subject to. Home foundation repair methods that use piers will not only increase the durability of the foundation, they will also improve the structural integrity of the home. The proper installation of piers will ensure that your home foundation will remain structurally sound for decades to come.

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