Five Trends Transforming the Gambling and Casino Industry in 2022

When we talk about technology trends, we often think about Blockchain, Virtual Reality, and Cryptocurrencies. We may even consider smartwatch-based casinos, if such a thing existed. But in reality, the picture is more nuanced. Here are five trends that will most likely transform the pg slot gaming and casino industry in the next decade. All of them have a high potential to change the world of gambling.

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Blockchain technology

In addition to helping casinos and other online businesses to improve their security, Blockchain technology will help the gambling and casino industry grow more reputable. Its applications could provide a safer gaming environment for both the casino and the gambler. Instead of having to validate personal information such as credit card numbers or identity, blockchain will record transactions on a publicly accessible ledger. As a result, players will no longer need to worry about their personal information. One major concern for many online casino users is data privacy. Currently, many online casino sites require players to input their personal information. Blockchain will eliminate these concerns and ensure that all transactions are secure and transparent.

Virtual Reality

A new technology called virtual reality is poised to revolutionize the gambling and casino industry. In just five years, it is expected to increase online gaming wagers by 800 percent. It will also bring new ways to play casino games, including a seamless integration of the real and virtual world. Casinos will need to find ways to incorporate VR into their game designs, but the new technology is proving to be a valuable tool in this process.


Throughout the last decade, the online gambling industry has undergone many transformations. New payment methods, virtual reality for a more immersive gambling experience, and cryptocurrencies as a means of payment are just a few of the changes. Experts expect the coming year to see even more transformations. Read on to learn how these technologies will change the industry. This article will explore some of the key changes in the gambling industry in 2022.

Smartwatch-based casinos

Before the introduction of smartwatch-based casinos, most online casino fans used laptops or mobile devices to play their favourite games. In the years to come, smartwatches will become the most popular form of online gaming device. The use of smartwatches for gambling is a logical progression of social gaming. As more people use their mobile devices for gaming, the number of free-to-play games has also increased. And with the help of sponsored features, players can earn money.

Money laundering

In a recent report, the U.S. Treasury Department identified money laundering as a major threat to the gaming industry. AML laws are changing the landscape of the industry and casinos must adapt or risk falling victim to exploitation. These new regulations are a response to a perceived problem with the industry’s AML practices. As an example, in the United States, 14 percent of SARs relate to minimal gambling, while 28 percent involve suspected structuring, which involves players playing without exceeding the $10,000 reporting threshold. Other practices that are prevalent in the gaming industry include “smurfing,” which is a practice where players exchange illegal funds for small amounts of liquid currency.

Compliance penalties

New Jersey regulators are likely to focus on the adult-use recreational marijuana market in 2022, but the state is also expected to address a slew of regulatory issues, including bad faith suits and fee-shifting. Regulatory concerns will also focus on the PILOT program. While casinos do receive a portion of these payments, it is not clear how much they actually pay. While PILOT payments are not the primary source of revenue for casinos, they do contribute to the overall industry’s bottom line.

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