A Guide to Choosing the Best Composite Decking in Melbourne

Melbourne is the capital of the state of Victoria and the second-most populous city in Australia. Its growing population, tourist attractions, office requirements, and pleasant climate promote outdoor activities as well as construction activities. Homeowners, who love the outdoors, prefer to have a deck in their homes. Likewise, tourists may also prefer to have decks in their cottages because it will put them in close contact with all that is beautiful in nature. Under such a scenario, builders always try to use the best decking material for constructing decks.

Composite decking material is a comparatively new alternative to conventional decking material which was always wood. There are some choices within composite decking, known also as WPC (Wood Plastic Composite), and builders and deck fitters should be thorough with the differences between them so that they can produce decks that provide customers full satisfaction. One of the most popular composite decking services in Melbourne is provided by Futurewood. Click Here For More Details about the pricing, installation time, and other resources.

Users should consider the following things before they make a choice.

1.   Budget

Most composite decking companies offer three types of composite decking materials. These are WPC Decking (Hollow & Solid), Capped WPC Decking (Hollow & Solid), and 3D Embossed WPC Decking. Within each, there is a range of colours, grain patterns, designs, installation styles, and plastic-wood proportion differences that can influence customer choices.

Of these, hollow WPC decking is comparatively cheap but it has only limited choices in colour and design. Capped composites are costlier but they have a strong protective covering made of polymer around their wood and plastic core and is produced by extruding layers of decking material together. It may easily last a quarter century and is resistant to swelling, warping, fading, etc., and is resilient against natural elements.

In the embossed material, the embossing on the surface makes it look very much like real wood. This too is highly durable. Customers will have to first decide their budget and then decide which of these comes within their budget.

2.   Design and colour

Many colours and designs are offered by manufacturers, and there is composite decking material with a perfect wood finish also, which will give the deck a very natural appearance. Here, the choice will have to be made based on the product’s aesthetic appeal to the user.

3.   Installation techniques

Decking boards may be grooved ones or ungrooved ones that will be solid. The utility value of both is the same but there is some difference in the installation methods. Grooved boards are designed to be fitted with concealed fasteners and screws so that the finished deck is sleeker and more aesthetically appealing. Concealed fasteners may be of plastic, aluminium, or steel. Overall, grooved ones will be more expensive.

With plain, ungrooved boards, the fasteners and screws will be visible on the surface. But the board itself, and the installation process will be cheaper.

4.   Slip resistance

On a deck where rainwater or snow is likely to fall frequently, or on one which is near a swimming pool, it will be better to go for grooved decking boards, or a textured one, because they will be more resistant to slipping. It will be easier to slip on plain ones.

5.   Warm climate

On decks that may be continuously exposed to the sun, it is better to use light colours for decking material. Capped decking material will not absorb too much heat and will be reasonably cool even under bright sunlight.

6.   Probable extra expenses

Tools for installing composite decking boards are basically the same as are used for a wood deck. However, there may be some additional charges like the cost of hidden fasteners, screws, etc. Sometimes tapping blocks may be required to protect the edge of the plank and tighten the seam between the planks, and some customers may require railings. All these must be considered while calculating the expenses.

Last Words

A user must have good creative ideas while planning a deck. It can be used for al fresco dining, playing board games, entertaining, and container gardening. Plan all these in advance so that the finished deck is perfect.

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