2 x 20 ft Music container

The Music Container is based on the dimensions to a standard 20’ ISO container, and insulated with mineral wool so the shelter can be used in any climate condition.

The music container has sound reduction from inside and out on 50 dB, and the Norwegian government has purchased hundreds of this music container and placed them around the country.

The music container is designed after the specifications similar to a music studio.

The electrical installation is complete from the factory include floor heating and ventilation systems, so there is only one electrical connection plug to have to be connected when the music container has been placed.

One truck / trailer is needed to transport this 2 x 20’ music container from the factory to the site.

To connect and ready the two 20’ units the music container consists of takes 2,5 to 3 hours for three people.

The weight of each part of music container is 9920 lbs. (4500 kg), so the total weight is 19841 lbs. (9000 kg).